Learn How Real Wealth Solutions Uses Life Insurance to Build Wealth For Business Owners


Real Wealth Solutions® is introducing a new way of building businesses and protecting income at the same time. It is a creative way of using insurance assets — and it is “new” in the sense that most business owners have never heard of it.

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“It’s not a new idea per se, as it’s been used for over 100 years,” says Kevin J. Donaldson, founder and CEO of Real Wealth Solutions. “It’s just relatively unknown to — and sadly underutilized by — today’s business owners. And I thought now was the best time to revisit this technique, especially since we’re in the middle of an economic crisis.”

Policy Loans

Donaldson’s tactic is to take policy loans from life insurance assets. This is opposed to the usual method of getting loans from banks and other lending institutions. The advantages of taking policy loans from insurance are easily evident: No age limit, no collateral, and no credit investigations involved.

“Most business owners don’t realize that certain life insurance products have cash values they can borrow against,” Donaldson says. “My job is to talk to these owners, learn about their unique personal and business needs, and form a life insurance package they can use as a sort of ‘Personal Bank’ they can take loans out of in the future.”

Donaldson hopes more business owners will catch on to this strategy. “It hits two birds with one stone — business owners can get personally insured and gain access to funds they’d otherwise never get in such short notice.”

Full Value Keeps Compounding

The cherry on top is that life insurance assets continue compounding at full value, even after a business owner takes out policy loans. That means it is possible to reach a point where a policy loan will pay for itself.

“It’s been done before,” Donaldson says. “Walt Disney, Ray Kroc, J.C. Penney, and a bunch of other successful business owners — they’ve used this strategy to build their empires. Now, ordinary business owners can, too. I’m just here to help show them the way.”


Today’s business owners would do well to explore funding their businesses using policy loans against their life insurance assets. Real Wealth Solutions® is currently showing business owners how to use this pandemic-proof strategy and creating life insurance packages tailored to each unique business.

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